Anti Theft - RFID Protected Credit Cards Holder Wallet with Money Clip

Pickpockets are getting smarter. With RFID (radio frequency identification) scanning technology they only need to get within a few feet of you. RFID scanners the size of a remote control near your credit cards and voila! They now have your credit card numbers, expiration dates, and other information from any card that is RFID enabled. The new credit cards with chips contain RFID signals to enable quick pay for your convenience. RFID signals cannot penetrate Aluminium. Buying a RFID blocking wallet or card wallet is like buying insurance. A small purchase now can save you a lot of money, time, and hassle dealing with fraud-related charges later.


Minimalist front pocket wallets are smarter everyday carry options. Carrying a bulky overstuffed bi-fold or tri-fold is not only uncomfortable but bad for your back. No one likes sitting on his or her wallet all day. We focus on providing extremely lightweight slim wallets that also provide functionality. Clean lines & minimalist designs are eye-catching and create a conversation piece.



Practical, makes Big Impression when taken out in front of friends and family. Luxurious look and excellent quality makes this wallet great as a gift or even better for self-use. We honestly believe you will love this wallet.



Material: Aluminium and PU Leather
Measures: 10 X 6.3 X 1.3cm(4.1" X 2.48" X 0.51")
Capacity: Can hold 6-8 Credit Cards|ID Cards|Business Cards, Depend on cards' thickness.